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The Ballinderry League was formed in the late 1960's by three members of the Ballinderry Badminton Club; Betty Totten, Eddie Kidd and John Mairs. It was formed to provide competitive badminton between local clubs. It started with 4 Clubs in 1 Mixed Division and grew to 8 divisions and was one of the largest leagues in Ulster.   However as with most sports there was been a dip in the number of teams playing badminton and this reflects in a reduction to what is running today.


The League in its early days was run by three people and has progressed to this current time being run by a Committee, which enables the workload of the League to be shared.

The Clubs who play in the league comes from Lisburn and its surrounding areas, Dungannon, Portadown, Belfast and its surrounding areas.   With travel not being a problem teams are welcomed from all areas of the Province.


As time moved on the League introduced changes to attract more players and teams in, and to this end a Gents, Ladies and Juvenile sections were introduced.   This has had beneficial effects as new clubs entered the League in order to participate, which has greatly strengthened us.


The League is part of the Ulster Branch of the Badminton Union of Ireland and we have representations on the various committees that they operate, this helps in the development and participation of the League.


For further information on our history and the make up of teams within the League follow link History




For information about our League contact League Secretary Tony Clarke either by telephone (028) 9267 0500 or e-mail: tony.clarke7@btopenworld.com



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The League Committee, elected at the League’s Annual General Meeting in April from the clubs that participate.  At the first meeting of the new season the League Committee appoint the people responsible for the various positions within the League.   The Clubs they come from and the positions they hold within and outside the Ballinderry League are shown below.    In addition to these elected members there is one Life Member, who also serves on the Committee




Club Represented


Alec McCullagh

Magheragall Pres

Chairperson & UBBUI Council Member


Graeme Clarke



Tony Clarke


General & Fixture Secretary

UBBUI Council Member


Terry Reid


Committee Member


William Martin


Member & UBBUI

Council Member


Eddie Kidd

Ballinderry C of I

Committee Member & Life Member


Lisa Martin


Committee Member




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